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Wax Bark Melts

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New floral Wax Bark Melts are the hot new trend this season! These scented wax bark pieces not only look beautiful but make your home or space smell amazing!

Wax Bark Melts are small pieces of wax made to be gently heated to reveal their powerful scents. Although they’re similar to candles, wax melts require a Wax Warmer to help melt. People have found wax melts to be more convenient compared to candles when they don't have time to light a candle for a few hours. If you’re considering trying out Wax Bark Melts for the first time, here are a some of our most popular fragrances you will love!

Wax melts are long-lasting, safe for the environment, and are flame-free. Hive & Home Wax Bark Melts are made of 100% soy wax and clean fragrance oil which is a natural and safer option over traditional paraffin wax candles or wax melts typically found in stores.

How Do I Use Wax Bar Melts?

We suggest you use an electric Wax Warmer for the best results. Place 3-4 broken pieces on your Wax Warmer and allow the dish to heat up. You will see the Wax Bark start to melt and your home will smell amazing! The dried floral will float within the wax and look beautiful. Do not touch the heated, liquid wax. After you turn off the Wax Warmer, allow it to cool completely before touching it. It will be hot! Keep out of reach of children and animals.

Store your Wax Bark Melts in a cool, dry location away from sunlight.