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Candle Ready Dough Bowl 6x9

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Candle Ready 3 Wick Hand Carved With all Natural Fire retardant Candle Bowl | Wood Bowl | Rustic Home Decor | Candle Making Kits | DIY Candle Making | 

What makes our dough bowls different? These bowls are hand carved and made specifically for candles. The 3 wick bowl is guaranteed to hold 16-18 ounces. All bowls are also straight and not crooked.
You do not need to worry about leaning bowls, bowls that are not consistent or bowls that wobble. All of our bowls are hand carved and are made to look like the perfect rustic farmhouse bowl. Some may have knots, holes, knife marks, minor cracks, or sap marks. These are natural parts of a bowl that have been made from raw wood. This makes each bowl unique with its own character. Size, color, and shape may vary.

We also are one of the only companies that use a fire retardant on the whole bowl. We use a 100% all natural retardant. This means no more fears of your bowls being unsafe.

All bowls are inspected when made. All knot holes are covered with a sawdust glue and filled with glue. 

As a side not when we prep our bowls. If there is a knothole or an area on the bowl that concerns us we will fill it with epoxy before we pour our candles.

Bowls are approximately 6" x 9" x 3". 

Dough Bowls are available in Natural Brown, Black and White. Black and White bowls will have a distressed look.